Most of us at some time or another have tasted disappointment. We’ve may have been let down and betrayed by someone whom we have loved;  and it was painful and discouraging because we loved them and/or trusted them.

Do you remember any of those times?

But the reality is that there is only one who is ultimately worthy of our trust and that’s why the Bible tells us;                                                                                         

“Taste and see that the Lord is good”

Psalms 34:8

Jesus tasted bitter disappointment and betrayal with Judas, Peter and all those, who except for John, his beloved friend, took to their heels and ran from him, leaving him so very alone..apart for the women.

And yet, the problem is that it seems as if we always have a taste for things that are just beyond our reach, and so, we ignore the Holy Spirit’s prompting, and we allow our appetites to rule us.

Jesus said to the woman at the well that he would give her living water so that she would not thirst anymore..  Her answer…?   

’Sir, Lord, tell me how to get it..it will save me this long humiliating walk alone to the well.’

It is Jesus today, only He, who can  satisfy our appetite too, as well as our thirst because he was that living bread that came down from heaven which man may eat and not die. Jesus said,

“This bread is my flesh, which I give for the life of the world”

John 6:51

Because Jesus  tasted death, He promised that those who hunger and thirst for love, justice mercy and peace, and so for God himself,  would be filled, that whoever drinks the water that he gives them will never again be hungry or thirsty.

And so, in spite of our taste for the things of this world, God in Christ has satisfied our hunger. I hope in a way, things may never be the same again, and we may learn to be so very blessed by the things we took for granted.


Lord, when all this is over, what will we hunger for…more of the same as we had before? We have tasted fear and helplessness recently….and so this Holy Week, feed us with your peace, nourish us with your hope and  prepare us for the banquet of love and hugs and loved ones that we will see again before long.