What now Lord?

With Christmas resounding joyfully in our minds and spirits, with new life promising to spring up all around us with lambs and buds and new growth in our gardens, with new things promised to us by God in our parish…

and at the beginning of this new year, now is a wonderful time to ask God; 

“what now?”

What does God desire for us this New Year?


This year at Christmas, so many people came and worshipped with us and it was wonderful to see so many families and children in church and for our numbers to steadily increase.

So what now?

It surely is not just to go on as before, using Christmas just as a celebratory marker in our churches calendars? 

It must be to continue to move towards Easter and Pentecost, assured of our worth before God and wanting to receive more of God’s Spirit of life and truth and love.

What does God desire of us as a church this year?

It must be to live as people of the resurrection, of new life, and of love in action!

God has his plans for us, plans that will proclaim his love amongst us, plans that will equip and enable us to take that love into our community in a new and deep and powerful way.

Plans that will draw us to himself so that he can be lifted high in our places of worship and in our community.

God’s plans for us are not sent to us by phone or fax or e mail!

The Holy Spirit does have his own way of communicating to us so we should be listening to him.

We believe that God does have his own plans for us and that we will become new wine for him to pour out on our church and in our community.

But as the Bible says,

new wine cannot be poured into old wineskins….

they are brittle and break and leak.

We all have to move on, to give God our past, to give him our old wineskins and to accept from him a new mould, shape and a new skin into which he can pour his love and then for that love to be poured out through us to those who are seeking or are in need in any way at all.

God has placed us on exciting and challenging path that reflects his love and our servanthood that was revealed to us by Jesus.

It is a path for every one of us, in prayer and in ministry and in the way we care and support each other.

It is the way of God, of love in action.

God will lead and guide us if we wait for him and follow his path for us, wherever it leads us!

Let’s respond to God’s call to us this year with joy and laughter and with prayer and hope; giving thanks to a mighty and wonderful God.